The largest sword in the world is near Himeji Castle in Japan


The largest sword in the world is in Himeji City with Himeji Castle. It’s the only monument in Japan.

What is the largest sword in the world

Photos from the plane

The sword is a cenotaph. The shape of the cenotaph represents the hand of the sword, which is a symbol of the weapon, and has a design with the sword pointing directly below and pierced into the ground. Its height is 87.76 feet.

As shown in the picture, the cenotaph is located at the summit of Mt. Tegara, with a big sword stuck on the summit, and the part of the blade seems to be buried in Mt. Tegara.

The meaning of the form of this cenotaph is the message to peace that “the sword will never come out again”.

What is the cenotaph consoling

The Mt. Tegara cenotaph consoles about 510,000 non-combatants who died by aerial bombardment in Japan during the Pacific War.

The official name is called “The cenotaph for the city air-raid victims of the Pacific War”.

This is the only monument in Japan that comforts the spirits of air-raid victims. It also wishes for eternal peace in the world.


Today we are blessed to have a peaceful and prosperous society because of the sacrifice of war victims and the great efforts by previous generations.

Because the cenotaph is in the park, you can go in and out freely.

If you want to send the world a message of peace on social media, you should visit here.

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